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Episcopal Collegiate is known for outstanding academics, passionate teachers, and a strong Episcopal tradition, but there's more to us than that. We are a place where you belong; where others believe in you even when you don't; where you are challenged to become the best version of yourself.



Our students sense of belonging comes from the belief we express in one another--celebrating potential, respecting talents, and giving room for failure--and also from the self-belief we cultivate through building self-awareness, confidence, and grit in our students. When teachers know students well and believe in their potential, they often understand students better than they understand themselves. They are able to offer the right measures of grace, accountability, encouragement, support, and challenge to help students make the most of their God-given abilities. Knowing students well allows teachers to provide experiences that help students make choices in the direction of their natural interests and to set achievable goals for getting there. By believing in the potential of students, teachers express that unwavering confidence in a student's ability to be successful and to make a meaningful difference in the world.

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Creating a place where individuals with diverse talents, interests, and backgrounds belong is the essence of being an Episcopal school. It requires us to know one another well. It calls us to demonstrate respect for the dignity and worth of every human being; to seek understanding rather than pass judgement; and to acknowledge when we fall short of what we aspire to be. Being a place of belonging calls us to celebrate one another's accomplishments. It encourages us to give space for others to live into their true selves through taking risks, sharing vulnerability, and tolerating missteps. As our School Prayer reminds us, being a place of belonging compels us to "look inward to focus on the spirit and outward to see our obligations to the world." It is who we are and the kind of place we continually strive to be.


Meet Muzala."I feel a sense of belonging on this campus everyday. Whether I'm at soccer practice, designing the yearbook, editing the Reverie, or being involved in my advisory group, Episcopal has given me a sense of belonging and purpose."


Through belonging and belief, a student becomes the best version of himself or herself. Encouraged and challenged by teachers who know each student and inspired by the rich opportunities available to our students, passions are discovered, talents are developed, character is strengthened, skills are sharpened, and potential is realized. This is how we define success. Sure, many of our students become incredibly accomplished--earning high marks on college entrance exams, high honors at local regional, and national competitions, and gaining entrance to highly selective colleges and universities at rates that are often double national averages. A surprising number of our graduates have gone on to play athletics at the collegiate level or to attend some of the finest visual and performing arts programs in the country. But all of our students graduate with the communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills that set them apart from their peers in college and beyond. They have the character and self-awareness to make smart choices and take advantage of the opportunities before them. Most importantly, they have the desire to make a difference in the world, bringing meaning and purpose to their lives.