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Wildcat Community

Our Episcopal Identity

School Worship

Creative, inclusive, and drawing fully upon the liturgical resources of The Episcopal Church, worship is a regular part of school life for all faculty and students.

Community Life

Reflection, prayer, and matters of the spirit are honored and cultivated and the physical, mental, and emotional health of all are supported and nurtured.

Religious Study

Meaningful, academically substantive, and age-appropriate; and in teaching the Christian tradition, fosters dialogue with other faith traditions.

Social Justice

Equity, justice, and a just society throughout the life of the school; the embracing and honoring of diversity; and the inclusion of community service and service learning into the life of the school.



Head of School
Dr. David Perkinson

Head of Lower School
Catherine Schuhmacher
501.372.1194, ext. 2344

Assistant Head of Lower School
Catherine Radtke
501.372.1194, ext. 2305

Head of Middle School
Dr. Chuck McCormick
501.372.1194, ext. 2401

Head of Upper School
Troy Urquhart
501.372.1194, ext. 2403

Director of Athletics
Monty Smith
501.372.1194, ext. 2433

Director of Finance and Operations
Tom Charlton
501.372.1194, ext.2437

Director of Innovation and Technology
Don Stalls
501.372.1194, ext. 2520

Director of Student Support Services
Catherine Radtke
501.372.1194, ext. 2498

School Chaplain
The Rev. Rob Leacock
501.372.1194, ext. 2522


Lower School Admissions
Mary Jane Briggs
501.372.1194, ext. 2306

Middle/Upper School Admissions
Kendall Ratcliff
501.372.1194, ext. 2463

Student Billing
Angela Deloney
501.372.1194, ext. 2405


Extended Day/After Care
Leigh Jacobs

After School Programs/Super Sessions
Morgan Dlouhy



Monty Smith
501.372.1194, ext. 2453


Julie Fitz
501.372.1194, ext. 2461

College Counseling
Tricia Morgan
501.372.1194, ext. 2509

School Nurse
Lenna Hopkins
501.372.1194, ext. 2304


Lower School Office
Tonya Thomas
501.372.1194, ext. 2301


Middle School Office
Jan Britt
501.372.1194, ext. 2464


Upper School Office
Selby Whitbeck
501.372.1194, ext. 2400