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15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play

Tonight is opening night for the Middle School Play, 15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play.

In anticipation of curtain call, we chatted with seventh grader Mary Katherine Griffin to get the inside scoop.

Mary Katherine says, “This play is so fun and is about kids who have had bad experiences with plays in the past, and they are informing the audience why they should not be in a play. It’s a really funny play!”

Although this is Mary Katherine’s first time being in an all Middle School production, she clearly has a true passion for singing and performing arts. “I love anything that has to do with choir and acting, and I especially love musicals.”

Mary Katherine landed an understudy role in the ensemble, which means that the script wasn’t written to emphasize individual roles, but instead focuses on the cast as a group. “My role as an understudy is unique because I cover for anyone who is out sick or can’t make it to rehearsal. I have to know all the lines and blocking for several different characters. It has been challenging memorizing all of these parts, because it’s really important to me that I know the lines for rehearsal instead of going onstage with a script,” she said.

When we asked Mary Katherine if she ever gets nervous before going onstage, she smiled and said, “I sometimes do, but I’ll say a quick prayer or reassure myself and know that I got this.” 

“This experience has been so fun for me! I have been able to make friends with students in different grade levels and with people that I wouldn’t have normally had the chance to connect with. I hope everyone comes out to the show; you don’t want to miss it!” 

You can catch Mary Katherine and other Middle School thespians in 15 Reasons Not to Be in a Play tonight and tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. in the MS/US Dining Hall. We hope to see you there

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