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College Counseling Q&A with Kobi '20


With May rapidly approaching and our seniors preparing to embark on their next adventure, we sat down with Kobi '20 to talk all things Episcopal College Counseling.


How long have you been attending Episcopal Collegiate?

I have been attending Episcopal since the fourth grade. My mom enrolled me because it is a college prep school and knew I would be learning skills to help me achieve in college and in my career.


What was your Upper School college counseling process like for you?

College counseling starts in the ninth grade. We all received a sheet a paper that outlined our freshman year. We would go through each month, with Ms. Morgan, and talk about testing and practicing for placement tests, but the majority of ninth grade was talking about grades. Ms. Morgan really emphasized the importance of keeping up with our grades throughout high school.

When we were sophomores our college counseling consisted of practicing for the PSAT to ensure you scored well. It was also the year we were introduced to Naviance, the college counseling software. 

Junior year is when college counseling starts to ramp up. We start talking about standardized testing-- PSAT, SAT, ACT, and how to prepare for those tests. Junior year is also when we begin our six-week college counseling class. This class was held during our study hall and we learned everything college; the type of college we wanted to attend, the difference in scholarships, how different colleges would review your application. We also went over how to write a resume and what colleges look for in a resume, and how to ask for college recommendations. 

Junior year is also when you’re allowed to attend on campus college visits. These were really fun for me because I was able to “visit” colleges I couldn’t physically travel to. We have college reps from all over the country come and visit students: SCAD, UCA, Baylor, University of Arkansas, even the Ivy League schools come to visit! With the college counseling class and college visits, we really had a chance to start finalizing our list before senior year.

When we begin senior year, we once again have a timeline that maps out the entire year. It allows us to think strategically about the colleges we want to apply to and map out application and recommendation deadlines, essay due dates, and test score submission deadlines. College counseling senior year is a full year long process. Personally, I’m a second semester senior and I still go to Ms. Morgan’s office daily to ask her questions about certain colleges or just to have her proof my college essay.


What do you think sets Episcopal’s College Counseling Program apart from other schools?

I think one of the main things that sets our college counseling apart from others is the close relationships that students have with the teachers who can help. You don’t have to go to the college counseling office to ask questions or gain insight about programs. Your teachers, especially the ones you’re close to, are knowledgeable enough to talk to you about your resume, or recommendation letters, or could even suggest a college to research based on your interests in the classroom. I don’t know of any other program that can do that. Also, just by talking to friends at other schools, they don’t have the personalized process that we do, especially starting in the ninth grade. A lot of my friends and their parents feel a bit lost when it comes to the college process.


How did the college counselors help you narrow your list?

Ms. Morgan was the college counselor I worked with the most and she sat me down to ask questions about the type of college I wanted. She asked me “What size school?” “What type of location do you see yourself in, city or more rural?” “Do clubs or sports matter to you?” “What do you want to study?” Ms. Morgan knows a lot about different colleges, so it was really helpful that based on a thirty-minute conversation she helped me create a good list for me. She was also able to help add some colleges I wouldn’t have thought of, based on my priorities.

For Ms. Morgan and all of Episcopal College Counseling, it’s really about finding the perfect fit.


What has been the most beneficial part of college counseling for you?

My favorite college counseling event was the Deans’ Panel junior year. All juniors and a lot of Upper School students attend with their parents. The Deans spend time telling us about their school and then they open up the floor to any questions. But my favorite part is the next day, when the junior class is split into groups amongst the deans. The group is given a nameless admission packet and we pretend that we are the admission committee. We look at the student’s GPA, testing scores, resume, essay, and co-curricular activity and then make an admission decision based on what we know about the dean’s school, with the dean’s help, of course. After we make our admission decision, the dean tells us whether or not that student really would have been accepted or denied. It was really interesting for me to learn how this process actually works and how colleges will look at our admission packet.

Kobi plans on attending a mid-sized school to study interior design or interior architecture. Follow along on our social media accounts to keep up to date on where Kobi and her classmates will be going in the fall!

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