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Congratulations, Celia '19

Congratulations, Celia '19

Congratulations, Celia Kreth ’19, for winning the Cum Laude Society’s District (regional) Paper award for District 7!

Chapter secretary, Mr. Stan Whittlesey, had this to say about the process:

“At Episcopal, we ask that each Cum Laude Society inductee submit their best research paper to our Cum Laude committee.  The national rules state that papers may only be from the just-completed year, must have been written for a course at the school, and may not be corrected or edited for the competition beyond their final version used for the course.  In Celia's case, the paper was written for AP Seminar, taught by Ms. Beard. 

Our committee selects one and sends it to the CL Society national office in Louisville, Kentucky. A committee of CL faculty from around the country called regents read the papers (with the students' names and school names removed).  In addition to the anonymity, regents only judge papers not from their own district (to avoid any of them accidentally recognizing a paper).   

Celia's paper was judged to be the best from district 7, which is a vast territory encompassing many far larger metropolitan areas:  Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin.   

We have submitted a paper to the contest since our chapter began in 2009, and Celia's is the first in these 11 years to win an award.   When one considers that these are all elite schools submitting one paper which they consider to be "their best effort," the magnitude of Celia's achievement is all the clearer.  We could not be prouder of Celia!”

Upper School Head, Mr. Troy Urquhart, reached out to Celia to let her know the good news. She had this to say about the experience:

My paper was written for Ms. Beard's AP Research class as part of the AP Capstone Program in which I was tasked with conducting original research in an area that interests me. I've always been captivated by historical precedents' effects on contemporary politics and the causation between sources of public opinion and democratic governance. In formulating my idea for the research, I thought what could be more contemporary and intriguing than studying impeachment and its intrinsic relevance to public opinion. Essentially, the research encompasses an historical evaluation of impeachment cases derived from sources of public opinion and uses those models and findings to predict the impeachment of our current President, Donald Trump. Though I began conducting this research last August and completed it this past April, it’s been quite entertaining following the impeachment trial today. One thing Episcopal Collegiate's teachers heavily promoted was a confidence in opinion. I knew this research would be controversial, but throughout my high school career I was always encouraged to formulate an original opinion as long as I had substantial research and facts to back it up. I was never deterred from challenging and questioning popular opinions, but always taught to provide sufficient evidence.”

Celia attends the University of Pennsylvania and is interested in studying Communication with a concentration in Political or Civic, or English with a concentration in Literature and Law.

Way to go, Celia!

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