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Stella Boyle Smith Trust Summer Science Scholar Recognition 2020

This summer, Adanna Mogbo had the opportunity to work with UAMS Dr., Ronald Sanders, at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute. Adanna’s research focused on the link between pediatric obesity and the effectiveness of apneic oxygenation. Here's what Adanna had to say about the experience:

"Over the summer, I had the privilege of conducting medical research with Dr. Ronald Sanders and the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Research Institute. The research project focused on the link between pediatric obesity and the effectiveness of apneic oxygenation, which is when supplemental oxygen is provided through the nose while a patient is being given oxygen directly to their lungs with a tube inserted down the throat, often because the patient cannot breathe on their own. Apneic oxygenation prevents oxygen levels from getting to low and other adverse events, such as cardiac dysrhythmia, when the heartbeat gets out of rhythm, or cardiac arrest, when the heart stops all together. While apneic oxygentation has been shown to be effective for critically ill pediatric patients overall, this research project wanted to focus on patients who are considered overweight or obese according to body mass index calculations and the CDC’s guidelines. We focused on intubation data from the pediatric intensive care unit, or the PICU, of Arkansas Children’s Hospital between 2014 and 2018. Before data analysis, I created a database through the RedCap software, which allowed the health records to be organized and prepared for analysis. Next came uploading the available data into the system through Excel. As I got more familiar with the technology, and as more data was made accessible to us, the more we were able to supplement our findings. In the end, our results showed that there was no significant association between adverse events and the use of apneic oxygenation among patients with pediatric overweight-obesity, but we found that apenic oxygenation was used less often with these patients, raising more questions that can be addressed with future research.

Working on this research project remotely because of COVID-19 was an interesting and unusual experience to say the least. Not being able to interact face-to-face with Dr. Sanders and my other colleagues in a hospital setting worried me at first, because I was used to receiving constant feedback and I was afraid that I would make too many mistakes while I was working on my own. I was lucky that Dr. Sanders set up frequent Zoom meetings to check in on me and give updates about the project and was always available via email to answer any questions that I had. Remotely working on the project went very well! Overall, I learned so much about the world of medical research like biomedical ethics, extensive data collection, and the amount of collaboration each project entails. I would like to thank Dr. Sanders, Ms. Kubacak, and the Stella Boyle Smith Trust for allowing me to partake in this unique experience, and I am looking forward to getting involved in more research projects like this in the future."

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