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The Power of E-Learning

“Good morning, everyone and welcome to virtual Morning Meeting!”, chirps Senior Class President, Lucie Hughes.

Episcopal Collegiate, like many other schools in the state and nation moved to online E-Learning this past week. With vibrant excitement and a true can-do anything attitude, Wildcats of all ages, PreK through grade 12, have been more than successful in this new venture. From Story Time at the E being shared in the Lower School, “Happy Selfies” being shared during Middle School advisory, and cheerful messages being shared in the Upper School, Wildcats are truly participating in more than simply E-Learning. 

“I just wanted to say that I’m really proud of our school and our community for finishing this week of e-learning strong. I know it’s something that’s new to students and to teachers. I want to give a special thank you to the teachers for hanging in there and working with us, we really appreciate all of you!”, says Hughes in the video.

(Watch the Upper School Morning Meeting video here).

“Students are having fun engaging in a different way. Their teachers are providing help sessions and providing a variety of lessons and resources, not only in math and Language Arts, but also in movement, art, and life lessons. One student told me she’s read over 100 books and 5th graders are still working on their March Book Madness brackets.”, Catherine Schuhmacher, Head of Lower School

“Our advisory groups really enjoy connecting each day on Google Meet and sharing with each other.”, Chuck McCormick, Head of Middle School

“In addition to connecting with advisory group and classes online, many students are using video chat for E-Lunch so that they can socialize with their friends during the school day.”, Troy Urquhart, Head of Upper School

While students wish they were on campus, E-Learning will only bolster the spirit of the Wildcats!


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