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The Reverend Rob Leacock

school Chaplain
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The Reverend Sandra Curtis

Associate School Chaplain

Our Episcopal Identity

As an Episcopal school, we strive to:

  • Integrate spiritual formation and religious study into the life of the community while affirming people of all faiths or no faith tradition.
  • Proclaim and celebrate the dignity and worth of every human being as a creation of a loving God - demonstrating care, respecting differences, and seeking understanding.
  • Maintain a welcoming and inclusive community of individuals from diverse religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds and varied perspectives.
  • Foster an awareness of and commitment to issues of social responsibility and civic engagement - working to integrate the ideals and concepts of equity and justice throughout the life of school.

In practice, our Episcopal Identity is manifest most readily through:


In Chapel, we affirm that all members of our community are beloved of God, and, as our School Prayer suggests, we challenge students to realize this more fully in themselves and to acknowledge it in others. Chapel is a time for the school community to come together to practice being the community God calls us to be. It includes the singing of a hymn, a short reading from the Old or New Testament, a homily, speech, offering, or meditation from someone in our community, and prayers of thanksgiving and intercession for ourselves, those who are dear to us, for our community, and the world. Chapel in the Lower School occurs once a week. Chapel in the Middle and Upper Schools typically occurs daily.

Spiritual Formation and Religious Study

In the Lower School, students begin their day with a devotion time led by their homeroom teachers.  All students also have religious instruction once a week in their classrooms. In this class, students are introduced to the stories of the Bible through the Godly Play curriculum. In the Middle School, sixth grade students spend a quarter studying the Hebrew Scriptures, and seventh grade students take a semester-long course in the New Testament. In the Upper School, students have one semester course required and can choose from several options focusing on an academic study of religion.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Since its founding, Episcopal Collegiate has sought to enroll a student body from diverse religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds. As a community called to love others, we actively seek to ensure each member of our community—students, parents, faculty, and visitors—feels welcomed, included, valued, and appreciated. From the awareness raising efforts of the Diversity Council to the care our Chaplains take to respect the religious traditions of each family to the administration of our admissions and scholarship programs, we constantly seek to infuse these values throughout the life of the school.

Social Responsibility and Civic Engagement

Developing a sense of social responsibility is written into our mission. Throughout the school, efforts are made to increase awareness of community needs and to afford students opportunities to make a difference in meeting those needs. These efforts are seen in community service projects of groups and individual students, in various projects or units of study in classes, through service efforts of an athletic team, in the many on-campus volunteer and mentoring opportunities, through presentations in Chapel, and in the numerous community concerts our performing arts groups provide. This ethic of service is reinforced every time our School Prayer is recited, calling us “to look inward to focus on the spirit and outward to see our obligations to the world.”


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