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The Promise of Intellectual Curiosity

Many schools can offer a challenging class or tough assignment. At Episcopal Collegiate, our goal is to find out what you’re good at and challenge you to fulfill your unique promise. We are known for our small classes, highly qualified teachers, and rigorous academics. But rigor alone is not our goal. We believe in the power and promise of intellectual curiosity—a deep, persistent desire to know.

We get students asking questions, defining goals, and taking risks. We encourage them to stretch their abilities, explore different perspectives, and tackle the most challenging material they are prepared to try.

It’s cool to be smart here, and to help others learn, too. When students are happy and excited to learn, there are no limits. If you care about education, this school is for you.

Every child can achieve at Episcopal Collegiate, sometimes more than they thought possible. Why settle for an average education when you can have an exceptional one—one that will serve you well for the rest of your life?

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