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What Sets the Lower School Apart?

Lower School Learning Specialists

Episcopal Collegiate teachers are the most highly credentialed and respected in the state—and across the country. They could teach anywhere. They chose Episcopal Collegiate. We believe in small classes and individual attention. Our teachers get to know each child well—his or her gifts, challenges, and promise. Warm and friendly, they ask questions, spark dialogue, offer choices, listen to ideas, and use rich vocabulary. In short, they ignite children’s natural intellectual curiosity and passion for learning.

Our student-teacher ratio in Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten is unparalleled—a lead teacher and an associate teacher are present in every classroom.

In the critical areas of reading and math, our specialists partner with teachers to support all students and meet the needs of every learner. We know every student learns differently, at his or her own pace. We’ll help your child develop at the right pace, nurturing and challenging as we go. Our Academic Achievement Center also supports students who need assistance as they push their boundaries and take on new material.



Library and Innovation



The Lower School library is home to more than 13,000 books!


Technology and discovery are part of every day life at Episcopal Collegiate. Each week, students enjoy the library, our Exploratory Design Lab, and the Discovery Lab. Here, their imaginations run free.

They work with brain puzzles, build towers with popsicle sticks, construct bridges, make marble runs, share ideas, and dream up new inventions. Students love working together to come up with ideas and solutions to problems, trying and failing and trying again, until they hit on that one strategy that works. Students of all ages have access to technology, including computers, iPads, laptops, and interactive white-boards.

Student Life

Lower School students are full of energy and wonder, and are an important part of the life of the whole school.


Once a week, students join together for chapel, where we celebrate differences, share viewpoints, and find common ground. Lower School students also volunteer for school-wide community service, like the Pink Out for a Cure, the Little Rock Marathon, and the ArCANsas Food Drive. They play on teams, cheer at pep rallies, perform in our Christmas program, and display their art in our corridors and classrooms. In clubs and activities, students make lasting friendships and show us their promise in action.

Music and Drama

When students begin to discover their promise, they need creative ways to express it.Lower School students enjoy music and drama classes twice a week. We use the Orff-Schulwerk and Kodaly methods. Everyone is up and moving with songs and instrumental music from many cultures. Our students also shine in Lower School choral concerts, drama productions, theatre games, and acting exercises.

Lower School Sports

Our students are active, fit and ready to compete.In the Lower School, it’s all about the joy of movement, fitness, teamwork and healthy competition. On our playground, younger students love to run, jump, climb, and play games. Outdoor time is often the best time to bond with friends. We also have our own gymnasium, with a junior-size basketball court, full-size volleyball court, and locker rooms. Many older students join organized sports and look forward to playing on Upper School teams.