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Wildcat Community

Our Episcopal Identity

School Worship

Creative, inclusive, and drawing fully upon the liturgical resources of The Episcopal Church, worship is a regular part of school life for all faculty and students.

Community Life

Reflection, prayer, and matters of the spirit are honored and cultivated and the physical, mental, and emotional health of all are supported and nurtured.

Religious Study

Meaningful, academically substantive, and age-appropriate; and in teaching the Christian tradition, fosters dialogue with other faith traditions.

Social Justice

Equity, justice, and a just society throughout the life of the school; the embracing and honoring of diversity; and the inclusion of community service and service learning into the life of the school.

Summer Enrichment

At Episcopal, we believe summer offers a unique opportunity for each student to:

  • Explore areas of deeper interest and passion

  • Engage with others and experience the world

  • Develop an enjoyment of reading and thinking

  • Explore ideas and develop skills in a different context

  • Maintain skills and build on previous knowledge

  • Enter the new school year refreshed and confident

Because this is our belief, we seek to assign summer work at a level that allows students time to engage in other summer experiences that support their passions and enrich their learning outside the classroom.  At the same time, we value the summer reading experience and understand that in addition to reading, some students need to complete meaningful work that prepares them for the coming year in particular courses or disciplines.


Please select and expand the appropriate division or grade level option for links to summer assignments.

Summer Assignments


Summer Enrichment Opportunities

We have begun to compile a resource page of summer enrichment opportunities students of all ages may want to pursue.  On this page, you will find a wide range of possibilities, and we challenge students to choose experiences in which they can invest themselves.  We are eager to provide guidance and support in that process.

Summer Enrichment Opportunities

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