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Tuition Estimator


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Episcopal Collegiate School is committed to ensuring the school is accessible and affordable.  We have created the tuition estimator as a tool families can use to get a sense of their tuition responsibility for the 2019-2020 school year.  This year, 144 students in grades PK-12 (representing 19% of our student body) received a discounted tuition rate.  The results displayed from the estimator are based off real data from our current families.  We encourage all families to explore the various affordability opportunities Episcopal provides.  

Step 1: Applicant's Grade Level

Please select the grade the applicant will be in for the 2019/2020 School Year

Step 2: Income

What is your expected total family annual income? Please include all taxable and nontaxable income: salaries, interest, dividends, business/farm income and alimony.

Step 3: Number Of Children

Number of children (including applicant) in tuition-charging schools for 2019-2020


Using the data you have provided, we have calculated a rough estimate of your annual tuition cost for one student. The actual application process is more complex and will take additional factors into consideration and could provide a different result. One significant factor affecting an actual tuition discount is family assets which are not factored into this estimator. This estimator also assumes any other children in tuition charging schools would also attend Episcopal Collegiate School and enroll in the same division as the first child.

Please understand that the net tuition noted below is not a promise of a tuition discount nor of acceptance to the School.


Your estimated annual tuition would be:

This represents a discount of:

If your family situation is not reflected in this estimator, please call Matt Radtke, Director of Advancement, at 501-978-4420 to begin a personal conversation.