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At the center of our Episcopal Identity is our Chapel Program. In Chapel, we affirm that all students are beloved of God, and, as our School Prayer suggests, we challenge students to realize this more fully in themselves and to acknowledge it in others.

Chapel is a time for the school community to come together to practice being the community God calls us to be. Our Chapel Program includes homilies from our Chaplains, seniors, and faculty, celebrations of student accomplishments, student performances, and guest speakers. In the Middle and Upper Schools, Chapel includes our Senior Chapel Talk Program. Parents are welcome and invited to attend Chapel at any time.

In the Lower School, all students attend Chapel once a week; all Chapel times are mid-morning. All students also have religion instruction once a week in their classrooms. In this class, students are introduced to the stories of the Bible through the Godly Play curriculum.

In the Middle and Upper Schools, all students attend daily chapel. We also engage in the study of religion in the classroom in both divisions. In grade 6, students spend a quarter studying the Hebrew Scriptures. In grade 7, students take a semester-long course in the New Testament. In grade 10, students take a semester-long course in World Religions.

School Prayer

Almighty God, be with the Episcopal Collegiate community as we begin this new day of teaching and learning. Keep us ever mindful of the honor of our callings so that we act with integrity. Turn our eyes inward to focus on the spirit and outward to see our obligations in the world. And bring us to the end of this day with a sense of fulfillment in our tasks well done. Amen.

May God’s blessings be with you,

Father Rob Leacock and Mother Sandra Curtis

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The Reverend Rob Leacock

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The Reverend Sandra Curtis

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