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Creative, inclusive, and drawing fully upon the liturgical resources of The Episcopal Church, worship is a regular part of school life for all faculty and students.

Community Life

Reflection, prayer, and matters of the spirit are honored and cultivated and the physical, mental, and emotional health of all are supported and nurtured.

Religious Study

Meaningful, academically substantive, and age-appropriate; and in teaching the Christian tradition, fosters dialogue with other faith traditions.

Social Justice

Equity, justice, and a just society throughout the life of the school; the embracing and honoring of diversity; and the inclusion of community service and service learning into the life of the school.

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April 18, 2019

All School News

Episcopal Collegiate Alumni Present: The Homegrown Showcase

You're invited to the Homegrown Concert Showcase on April 19, at 9:00 p.m. at White Water Tavern (! Come hear GOOSE, Whoa Dakota/Jesse Ott '08, and The Minks/Houston Mathews '06. Proceeds support the Episcopal Collegiate School Scholarship Fund. Purchase your tickets in advance for $15.00 at Can't make the show? Show your support and purchase a "Ticket in Spirit."

For more information on GOOSE, Whoa Dakota, or The Minks, visit:

Central Region Art Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students:

Marissa Barone 9th Grade - 1st Place, moving on to the State Show for her work "Out to Lunch"

Grace Blackmon 9th Grade - Honorable Mention, "We See Things Clearly"

Catherine Kwon 10th Grade - 2nd Place, "Gargoyle"

Mary Katherine Hyde 10th Grade - 3rd Place, "Dancing in the Streets"

Hannah Jackson 10th Grade - Honorable Mention, "Silverlining"


Arkansas Young Artist Award Winners

Congratulations to the following students:

Catherine Kwon 2nd Place - "Bridge at the Old Mill" Oils Realistic

Grace Campbell 4th Place - "Rabbit" Sculpture Expressive

Braden Seale 4th Place - "Clockwork Orange" Advertising Design

Drew Seale 4th Place - "My Dog" Scratchboard


We Are In...Are You?

We experience how wonderful this place is every day; whether it is in the classroom, on the stage, or on the field, we see our community in action. We continue to be amazed by all the opportunities Episcopal provides our students. Without parent participation in the Annual Fund, these opportunities and experiences would simply not be possible. 

If you have made your gift or pledge, we thank you. For those who have not, please join us and your fellow parents by making your Annual Fund gift or pledge today! Thank you for your consideration, and please remember no gift is too small.

View Parent Participation here!

Make Your Gift to the Annual Fund today!


Lower School

A Note from Mrs. Schuhmacher

Third, fourth, and fifth-grade students enjoyed a visit from author Melissa Savage, who taught them about cryptozoology, the study of unknown creatures. She also told students that she started writing in 2nd grade and hasn’t stopped since. When asked what makes her a good writer, she encouraged students to read and write as much as they can! Thank you, Mrs. Linder for bringing such great learning opportunities to our kiddos. Our next author/illustrator visit is Loren Long on Friday, May 3.

In Chapel this week, Mother Curtis reminded us how the Easter stories show the insurmountable love that Jesus offers us and how we should show that love to others.  She explained that even when things don’t seem fair, we should love one another and treat one another with respect. During announcements, eighth-grade students shared their Capstone project, Milk Money, with us. They plan to host a carnival on Friday, May 3 on the practice field following school and all are invited to attend. All proceeds raised during the carnival and in our daily coin collecting will go toward Heifer International in their Milk Money project.

In conclusion, I would like to congratulate three Lower School students for their Reverie submissions. Reverie is a literary magazine that includes a variety of creative illustrations, poems, stories, and photographs, selected and compiled by Upper School students. Ava Moore, Vivian Huff, and Charlie Wallace all contributed extraordinary pieces that were selected and those students were recognized Wednesday in MS/US Chapel.

Catherine Schuhmacher

Head of Lower School


Garden Volunteers Needed

It's time to transplant our seedlings! We are looking for volunteers to help students in grades Pre-K 3 through Kindergarten transplant their seedlings into the Quinn Teaching Gardens. No gardening experience necessary! Click here if you'd like to help! The students and butterflies appreciate your help!


Rising 5th and 6th Grade Cheer Uniform Fitting

Rising 5th and 6th graders interested in cheer will have their uniform fitting on Wednesday, May 1 at 3:30 p.m. in Ms. Thicksten's classroom. Sign-up forms will be sent home on Tuesday, April 23 and should be returned by Monday, April 29. The uniform package includes a top, skirt, socks, and bloomers. Optional items include a monogrammed jacket and/or cheerleading shoes. Practices will be on Monday afternoons from 3:45-5:00 p.m. in the LS Gym. Football games will be on Saturday mornings in September and October. The game schedule will be sent home as soon as it is released. 5th and 6th graders do not cheer for basketball games due to the busy winter schedules. Please have your daughter return this permission slip to Ms. Thicksten by Monday, April 29. Please email Molly Thicksten if you have any questions. 


Co-Curricular News - P.E.

This month in Physical Education, our focus has been on fitness and health as we participate in our annual Kids Heart Challenge fundraiser.  Students have been engaged in fun fitness activities that involve jump roping, hula hoops, and other cardiovascular activities while also raising money for the American Heart Association.  Students will learn to take their resting heart rate while also learning tips to keep their hearts healthy.  As we wrap up the school year, we will take our second Presidential Fitness Challenge and compare the results from the beginning of the school year. Impact Martial Arts will visit our classes on April 29 and 30 for a unit on Taekwondo.

Kids Heart Challenge
The Kids Heart Challenge, formerly known as Jump Rope for Heart, is an exciting unit where students learn how to be heart healthy while also helping others by raising money for the American Heart Association.  The unit consists of fun jump rope activities and learning a different heart healthy tip each day.  This is our 8th year to participate in this program and our kids have really stepped up to the challenge each year.  Our goal this year is to raise $11,000 and we are well on our way!  Donations can be given in the envelopes that were sent home with your child or you can sign up online at  The deadline for donations in April 25th.


Co-Curricular News - Music

PreK3-Kindergarten Music with Mr. Betzold

Students in Pre-K3 have been learning call and response songs that encourage them to respond to a musical phrase with a contrasting musical phrase.  In the song “Can’t Get the Saddle On,” a student sang “whoa, mule” and the class responded with “can’t get the saddle on.”  We have also been learning to move meaningfully with classical music by clapping our hands, stomping our feet, and pretending to be orchestra directors while listening to classical music.

In Pre-K4 we have been exploring dynamics and the major scale with songs such as “Fredrick Fountain” where the children are encouraged to move their arms from the floor to above their heads while singing “Fredrick Fountain climbed a mountain right up to the very top.”  As the major scale descends, arms fall and voices become louder and louder until hands are clapped with a “POP!”  We have also been learning that moving your hands and arms to classical music does not mean that we are learning ballet; even though one of the excerpts of music we have in our repertoire is from the Nutcracker.

The Kindergarten students have been learning a lot of fun finger-play songs such as “Two Tall Telephone Poles” and “These are Mother’s Knives and Forks.”  It has been fun to see each student take a turn at twisting their fingers and hands while singing each song solo.  Working together to learn songs that evolve into complex games has also been a fun challenge.  We learned a song called “The Minister’s Cat” where each student must clap their hands and pat their legs on beat while chanting “The Minister’s cat is a _____ cat.”   It is so much fun to come up with a new type of cat while attempting to keep on the beat (i.e. “The Minister’s cat is a musical cat.”).

First-Fifth Grade Music with Mrs. Clark

What a wonderful time all the Lower School had performing for Grandparents and Friends Day!  I am very proud of all of our students.  They performed beautifully!  In Music classes we have been doing so much more than preparing for that performance below is a sample of the work we’ve been doing by grade.

In first grade, we’ve studied the four families of the orchestra and heard legends about their origins.  Working on building the voice, we have done vocal explorations (back shapes and pipe cleaners) and sang solos on “Rabbit Run” with a very cute rabbit puppet.  We moved expressively to both “Gymnopedie” by Satie and “Rondo alla Turca” by Mozart.  We played xylophones and tambourines on several songs and learned a fairly complicated folk dance called Circassian Circle.  We are also watching highlights from the classic musical, The Sound of Music.

Second grade students are working on decoding, reading and (soon) writing rhythms in 6/8 meter (three 16th notes and dotted quarter note).  They also studied the four families of the orchestra and heard legends about their origins.   For expressive movement, they used both “Gymnopedie” by Satie and “Rondo alla Turca” by Mozart. They played xylophones with the singing game “Charlie Over the Ocean,” and they learned the folk dance “Gents to the Center.”

In the midst of the third grade recorder unit, these students are really learning how to read notation on the music staff independently.  I’m looking forward seeing excellent results on their written quiz next week.  Some students have even mastered all their prescribed songs and have moved on to the self-selected music.  After the recorder we will work on the science of sound by learning how each instrument family makes sound and making several instruments (tongue-depressor harmonicas, straw pan pipes, and rubber band guitars).

Fourth grade students are finishing up a second unit on 6/8 meter by writing the rhythms they’ve learned and decoded.  The songs “Shake the Papaya Down,” “Proud Mary,”  and “Money Honey” gave them good practice on syncopation.  They’re also working on a 2-hand, 3-part piece for xylophones called Sunshine.  Now they are beginning two short units on Arkansas Music and also Opera.  We will have a guest performer coming to sing for our classes...the lead (prima donna) from Opera in the Rock’s production of  Madame Butterfly by Puccini!

In fifth grade music, students are doing a wide variety of things.  We learned about Guido d’Arezzo and how he created written musical notation back around 1000 AD.  We’re working on a 2-hand, 3-part piece for xylophones called Sunshine, and learning to read and decode notation for the pitches Do, Re, Mi in the key of F Major.  As part of our sea chantey unit, we learned a folk dance that goes with the Canadian song Bonavist Harbour.  We are also beginning to watch highlights of the musical  The Music Man.  Key points of learning this musical include barbershop quartets, patter songs, and character acting styles.


Summer @ the E!

We are thrilled to offer these exciting summer opportunities for your children and non-Episcopal students. As you will see, we have many offerings, as well as lunch provided during camp as an added convenience. Registration is now open and we hope you will share the Summer @ the E! Brochure with your friends and family who attend other schools, as all children are welcome to attend. Questions: Contact Morgan Dlouhy or Leigh Jacobs.


Chapel News

In Godly Play, we are exploring the story of Jesus appearing to two of his followers on the road to Emmaus. The travelers don’t recognize Jesus until he joins them for dinner and prays over the bread. They marvel at how their hearts burned within as Jesus talked with them on the road. We will discuss how they discover the power of Jesus' life still guiding them.

In our Community Chapel, Father Rob Leacock, our Upper and Middle School Chaplain, will be leading and speaking in chapel as we celebrate and hear an Easter story.

Chapel Readers: McKenzie Riley and Alex Sebree

Cantors: Emily Stacks, Sadie Janes, and Emma Duncan.

Happy Passover & Easter,

Mother Curtis+


Pride Patrol - 4/23-4/26

Students assigned to Pride Patrol please be here and ready to start welcoming students at 7:30 a.m. If you cannot make it one day, please contact Tonya Thomas.

PreK: Eliza Dunlap, Will Gann, Samantha Lindstrom, Emory Poynter, Heidi Sanders

K-5: Will Jones, Barrett Mehrabi, Elois Moore, Brandon Maltbia, Juliana Neesvig


Mark Your Calendar - LS Calendar

Monday, April 22 - Easter Break, No School

Tuesday, April 23

  • Minecraft Edu, 3:15-4:30pm
  • Wildcat Chorale, 3:15-4:30pm
  • Strength & Conditioning, 3:15-4:30pm
  • Kids Cook! 3:30-5pm

Wednesday, April 24

  • Wee Little Arts, 3:20-4 p.m.
  • Zoomba Kids, PreK-K, 3:30-4 p.m.
  • Zoomba Kids, 1st-3rd, 4-4:30 p.m.
  • Strength & Conditioning, 3:15-4:30pm

Thursday, April 25

  • Chess Club, 3:15-4:30 p.m.
  • Tiny Dancers, 3:30-4 p.m.

Friday, April 26

  • Destination Imagination, 3:15-4pm

Looking Ahead

5/22 - 5th Grade Recognition Ceremony, 2pm

5/24 - Field Day, Last Day of School, Noon Dismissal

Middle School

A Note from Dr. McCormick

Dear Parents,

We have had another great, albeit short, week of teaching and learning.  One of the noteworthy highlights has been seventh grade exploratory design students programming robots.  Additionally, seventh graders participated in a highly engaging (with lots of reading comprehension built in!) digital breakout in Ms. Harrison's social studies class that I am looking forward to doing myself over the break.  Please note that the eighth grade will be hosting a fun run and carnival games on Friday, May 3, from 4:15 - 5:30 p.m. (just prior to the MS Social) to raise money for Heifer International's Milk Money program (which is the eighth grade capstone).  Lastly, on behalf of the Middle School faculty, I would like to wish all of our families a happy, holy, and healthy Easter.

Chuck McCormick

Head of Middle School


Arkansas Children's ACHiever Program for Rising Ninth Grade Students

The ACHiever program was started in 2002 to share with young girls the importance of volunteering and giving back to one's community. In the fall of 2019, the ACHiever program will grow to include a separate program for young men. The two programs will meet on different dates but both will receive a true understanding of the many career opportunities in the healthcare industry while also learning the importance for volunteerism. Educational sessions will take place on Monday night each month from 5:30 to 6:45 p.m., September - April. The age group for both programs is ninth-grade. Throughout the year, the ACHievers will tour different areas of the hospital, volunteer for various ACH Auxiliary projects, and learn about the value of philanthropy. The ACHiever application deadline is June 30, 2019, and scholarship applications are due May 30, 2019.

For more information:


Athletic Banquet

The Middle School Athletic Banquet will be held on Wednesday, April 24 at 6:00 p.m. in the MS/US Dining Hall. Dinner will be catered by Boulevard Bread Co. The menu will include pasta with marinara and meat sauce, caesar salad, bread, cookies, tea, and water. Register here!


Mark Your Calendar - MS Calendar

April 19 - 22 -  Easter Break, No School

Wednesday, April 24

  • MS Athletic Banquet - 6:00 p.m. MS/US Dining Hall

Upper School

A Note from Mr. Urquhart

All the rain we’ve had today can’t dampen our spirits here on campus! We’ve had so much to celebrate recently in academics, athletics, and the arts. Daye (Catherine Kwon) just got back from the USA Brain Bee Championship in Pennsylvania, and she was also one of several students receiving awards for art at the regional and state levels--Marissa Barone, Mary Katherine Hyde, Grace Campbell, Braden Seale, Drew Seale, and Hannah Jackson all also recently received recognition for their work in fine arts. Our Steelcats performed last weekend at the Robinson, and the staff of Reverie shared this year’s literary magazine with the School, recognizing the students from all three divisions who had writing or artwork featured in the magazine. Our girls soccer team has had recent wins over St. Joseph, Lake Village, LISA Academy, and Maumelle Charter, our boys soccer team has recently won matches against St. Joseph, LISA Academy, and Maumelle Charter. Baseball and softball are in full swing (with a recent softball win over Jacksonville Lighthouse), and our track and field athletes are running, jumping, and throwing well so far this season. Our spring musical Big Fish, which featured a talented cast and crew from the Middle and Upper Schools, was a huge hit; students in our broadcast, yearbook, and creative writing programs are headed to the Arkansas Scholastic Press Association spring convention today; our quiz bowl team just took fifth at state; and our wildly popular E-Sports team is getting ready for state competition.

I hope that you all enjoy the long weekend as we celebrate Easter, and I look forward to seeing you back on campus on Tuesday!

Troy Urquhart 

Head of Upper School


Catherine Kwon Places 8th at National Brain Bee and Named Scholastic Art Award Winner!

Sophomore Catherine Kwon, who won the Arkansas Brain Bee competition in March, participated in the USA Brain Bee competition on April 12 in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This all-day competition involved a lab practical using human brains and radiology images, a written and an oral test, and patient diagnoses where she had to encounter patients, order investigations, diagnose the disease, and recommend treatment. Out of 56 of the nation’s brightest young minds, Catherine finished in eighth place bringing home a medal, a trophy, and a summer internship to Pennsylvania State University Medical School in Hershey. This is an unbelievable accomplishment since she had a less than three months to prepare while many competitors had years of preparation. Congratulations to this fine, young scholar!

For 96 years, the Scholastic Awards have recognized some of America’s most celebrated artists when they were teenagers. Catherine is among our esteemed group of Alumni which include Andy Warhol, Richard Avedon, Idelle Weber, Ken Burns, Paul Chan, and Kay Walkingstick. This year, nearly 340,000 works were submitted to the Scholastic Art Awards. 

Honorable Mention - Gargoyle  Printmaking

2 Silver Key Awards - Accusation  Drawing and Illustration, Dream Digital Art

Congratulations on your many accomplishments, Catherine!


Upper School Quiz Bowl Team Earns 5th at 3A State

The Upper School Quiz Bowl team concluded its season with a fifth place finish, out of 17 schools, at the 3A State Tournament held at Harmony-Grove High School on Saturday, April 13.  Ethan Strauss, Jed Johnson and, Logan Carney competed against teams primarily consisting of five seated players with substitutes.  Congratulations to them on their remarkable feat!

Ethan, the team's captain, easily earned All-Tournament honors by answering an average of 12.4 tossup questions per game (an average of 5 is required for this recognition).  Ethan was also invited to the AGQBA All-Star Tournament to be held on Saturday, May 4 at Russellville High School, as well as being named MVP of the 3A Central Regional tournament held in March, where the Wildcats earned first place.  As he looks to graduation, we wish Ethan the best in his future endeavors.

Students possibly interested in competing in Quiz Bowl next year are encouraged to speak to one of the coaches, Mr. Whittlesey or Dr. Hall. Congratulations to all who competed in tournaments this year on a fine season. Go, Wildcat Quiz Bowl!


College Counseling

Senior Parent Workshop: Launching Your Senior
Please join us for the last parent workshop of the year at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 24th in Upper School room 215.  Liz Gron, Director of Advising at Hendrix College, along with three former Episcopal parents who have successfully sent children to college and beyond, will share their advice on how to help your student transition to college. 


Mark Your Calendar - US Calendar

April 19 - 22 - Easter Break, No School

Wednesday, April 24

  • College Counseling Workshop: Launching Your Senior to College, US Room 215 - 5:30 p.m.


Wildcat Athletic Calendar

Monday, April 22

  • Girls Varsity Softball - Conference Tournament vs. Mayflower @5:30 p.m.
  • Boys Varsity Baseball - Conference Tournament vs. Mayflower @6:30 p.m. 

Tuesday, April 23

  • Girls Varsity Soccer vs. CAC, Away @5:00 p.m.
  • Lacrosse vs. Catholic, AWAY @5:00 p.m.
  • Boys Varsity Soccer vs. CAC, AWAY @7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, April 24

  • Boys & Girls Varsity & Junior High Track - Conference Meet at CAC, Field Events begin at 10:00 a.m. & Running Events begin at 12:00 noon. 


2019 Nike Basketball Camps - Directed by Micah Marsh and Brandon Friedel of Elite Hoops Basketball

Become more passionate about basketball this summer by improving your fundamentals and gaining more confidence alongside Episcopal Collegiate top coaches, Micah Marsh and Brandon Friedel. Work on every part of your game and have some serious fun! Follow this link for more information and to register or call 1.800.NIKE.CAMP

Camp will be held at:

Little Rock: Episcopal Collegiate School
Boys Camp (Ages 9-15): June 10-14, July 8-12, $285
Girls Camp (Ages 9-15): June 17-21, $285
Boys & Girl Camps (Ages 9-15): July 15-19, $285

Fayetteville: Fayetteville High School
Boys Camp (Ages 9-15): June 10-14, $275

Hot Springs: Hot Springs High School
Boys Camp (Ages 9-15): July 15-19, $275

Parents' Auxiliary