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Community Health

*Please note, at this time we are maintaining our mitigation strategies per CDC guidelines for schools. We will reassess these strategies over the summer. Please see the most recent communication regarding the 2021-2022 school year here.

The content below is our most up-to-date community health information. You can read past communications and more in-depth plans here, on our 2020-2021 plans page. 

During this pandemic, our interdependence upon one another has never been more critical.  If we hope to maintain the health of our community and the continuity of the school year, we must each take on the responsibility for the health of the group.

  • Personal Hygiene: Students and all school personnel have a responsibility to maintain habits of personal hygiene that reduce the spread of infections: 
    • Avoid touching your hands and face
    • Wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds routinely throughout the day
    • Use hand sanitizer when unable to wash your hands
  • Face Coverings/Masks: All school personnel, students, and visitors to campus are required to wear face coverings/masks in accordance with the expectations of the School while on campus and in accordance with public health recommendations while in the community.
  • Physical Distancing: All school personnel, students, and visitors to campus are expected to maintain proper physical distancing (greater than six feet) to the greatest extent possible while on campus.  
  • Social Distancing: Each of us (school personnel, students, and parents) has a responsibility to avoid large gatherings, avoid travel to hot spots, and limit social activity outside of school in ways that reduce the risk of infection and protect our community when we are together on campus.  Staying home when you experience symptoms or have concern over your exposure is critical to the health of our community.
  • Reporting: Each of us (school personnel, students, and parents) has a responsibility to report symptoms, possible exposure, and positive tests for COVID-19 to ensure we take the appropriate steps to care for one another and minimize the potential spread of the disease.  Reports should be made to the school nurse, Lenna Hopkins, the appropriate Division Head, and the Head of School.


Reporting Form for Absences, Covid-19 Exposure, and Covid-19 Test Results