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Parent Participation

2019-20 Annual Fund Progress:

  • $0
  • $100K
  • $200K
  • $300K
  • $400K
  • $550K

Your Gift Ensures the Sustainability of the School

Tuition only covers 71 percent of our operating budget, so your donation reduces the amount of support needed from the School’s endowment to cover the $5,726 gap between what families pay and the actual cost of educating one Episcopal Collegiate student. Your support not only helps with the current year’s budget, but it actually ensures the long-term sustainability of our School and allows for ongoing investments in our faculty, programs, and facilities--the fruit of which we experienced this year when teaching and learning remotely. 

As we now look to complete the 2019-20 Episcopal Collegiate Annual Fund and reach our goal of $550,000, will you participate with a tax-deductible gift?

As of June 29, our average parent participation rate is 38%. 

2019-20 Parent Participation 06292020