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Honorariums and Memorials


In Honor of Riley Blair ’15
Vivian and Dan Blair

In Honor of Caroline, Virginia, and Ruth  Brantley
Kay and Herb Bland

In Honor of Jane Bright
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bright

in Honor of Alex and Wes Brown
Priscilla and Thomas Howard

In Honor of Stephani Brown
Cissy and Steve Rucker

In Honor of Quin Clark
Vicki and Phil Clark

In Honor of Mrs. Lisa Conyer
Lynette Vinson

In Honor of Elizabeth Blaine Cunningham 21
Gwin and Joseph Cunningham
Sue and Larry Hedden

In Honor of Hope Thomas Dalton
Becky Scott

In Honor of Mary Carol and Will Daugherty
Sheila and Aubry Talley

In Honor of Samantha De Luca
Shirley and James Kemp

In Honor of Evelyn and Mary Harmon Dickinson
Rita and Charley Benson

In Honor of The Episcopal Collegiate Upper School
Faculty and Staff

Jason and Julie Smith
David and Courtney Traylor

In Honor of Palmer and Ellis Flanagin
David McCreery

In Honor of Tori Garret
Rachel Garrett ’10

In Honor of Eli Gray
Ruth and Thaddeus Gray

In Honor of Carter and Vivian Huff
Morie and Mark Malloy

In Honor of Keller Hughes
Courtney and Ben Calloway

In Honor of Ellie, Andrew, and Bethany Jennings
Jo Anne Jennings
Roseanne and James Samuel

In Honor of Beth Anne Jones
David Harrison

In Honor of Peris and Charles Karanja
Miriam Karanja

In Honor of Leigh, Laura Beth, and Harrison Keener
Vicki and Kevin Scanlon

In Honor of The Leacock Family
Deb and Mike West

In Honor of Meredith Linder
Elaine and Randal Hankins

In Honor of JP Lyon
Lucy and Charles Neal

In Honor of Morgan C. Manning
Melinda McLarnon

In Honor of Marks Boys
Terry Rasco

In Honor of Brinkley and Jack Mitchell
Sara and Jay Mitchell

In Honor of Stephen Munson
Mary Glynn Douglas

In Honor of Mrs. Nixon
Patti and Bill Bryant

In Honor of Mrs. Pate
Patti and Bill Bryant
Donna and Jon Wolfe

In Honor of Dr. David Perkinson
Susie and Eric Munson

In Honor of Connor ’13 and Sarah Reddick ’17
Tiffany and Brian Reddick

In Honor of Courtney and Mitch Ross
Mr. and Mrs. R. Mitchell Ross Sr.

In Honor of Ella and Andrew Saoud
Ron Wise

In Honor of Erick Saoud and Stephen Vano
Tiffany and John Lindey

In Honor of Harriet and Warren Stephens
Becky and Gus Blass
Becky Scott

In Honor of Sydney Stewart ’18
Lynette Vinson

In Honor of Dixon Wade
Julie and Bill Haught

In Honor of Mrs. Marlene Ware
Lynette Vinson


In Memory of Fred Amerson
Ms. Katherine Paullus

In Memory of George Byrd
Ginger and Grady McCorkle

In Memory of George Caristianos
Nancy Ross

In Memory of Patrick Clemmons
Susan Day and Skip Clemmons

In Memory of Lois Cunningham
Nicole Cunningham

In Memory of Henry L. Entzminger
Mrs. Mary Lou Entzminger

In Memory of Dr. Robert L. Entzminger
Mrs. Mary Lou Entzminger

In Memory of Dr. Richard G. Huff
Pat Huff

In Memory of William “Mr. David” Kendrick
The Sullivan Family

In Memory of Brock Jackson and Eric Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Jennings

In Memory of Blair Johnson 13
Mary Grace Munson

In Memory of Scott Landers
Mrs. Lauren Landers

In Memory of Mrs. Virginia Johnson Lee
Joan and Noel Strauss

In Memory of Howard Lane Lovett Jr.
Mrs. Mary Lou Entzminger

In Memory of Morin “Monty” Scott Jr.
Becky Scott