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Wildcat Community

Wildcat Community



Giving Levels

Legacy Society 

Headmaster's Platinum Council 

Headmaster's Gold Council 

Shield Society 

1998 Society 

Bell Society 

Wildcat Friend 

Founding and Lifetime Donors

Episcopal Collegiate appreciates those donors whose cumulative giving history totals $50,000 or more, including several anonymous donors not listed here.

Boe Adams†

Mary Browne Allen and Ryan Allen

Tina and Haitham Alley

Ginger and Thomas C. Blackmon Jr.

Sydney and Bentley Blackmon

Becky and Gus Blass

Sandra and Larry Bowden

Chucki and Curt Bradbury

Traci and Albert Braunfisch

Debra Brown

The Brown Foundation Inc., of Houston

Michelle and Allen Carney

Sandra and Tom S. Charlton*

Margaret W. Clark and William E. Clark†

Ellon Cockrill and Rogers Cockrill†

Somers and Andrew Collins

Donna and David W. Cone

Christy Snowden Davis

Robin and Stephen Davis

Libby and Scott Davis

Judi and J. Dale Dawson

Susan Day and Skip Clemmons

Michelle* and Joseph Dowell

Mrs. Mary Lou Entzminger and Dr. Robert L. Entzminger†

Episcopal Collegiate Parents’ Auxiliary

Mr. and Mrs. Harry C. Erwin†

Terri and Chuck Erwin

Stacy and John Fletcher

Tori* and Dumas Garrett

Kimberly J. and William E. Golden

Carolyn and Scott Gordon

Karen and Ken Hamilton

Mrs. Sarah Henry and Dr. J. Charles Henry†

Mary and Steve Hickman

Mimi M. and Joseph B. Hurst Jr.

The Hussman Foundation

Ben and Walter Hussman

Iberia Bank

Jackson T. Stephens Charitable Golf Tournament

Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Jackson Sr.

Ashley and Wil Jackson

Jon E. Jacoby

Megan and Robert Janes

Jeanne and Harold Joyner

Julie and Christoph Keller

The Keller Family Foundation

Cassie and Jason LaFrance

Kristen and Cliff Lee

Mark and Leslie Lee

Mrs. Jane Lyon and Mr. Frank Lyon Jr.†

The Lyon Foundation

CeCe and Howard Martindale

Anne and Rick Massey

Sharla Massey ’07

Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Mayton

Kim and Russ McDonough

Nancy and Russ McDonough

Carol and Fred Meadors

Karen and Randy Mourot

Susie and Eric Munson

Ann and Rob Nichols

Mr. and Mrs. George R. O’Connor

Ann Blair Parke and Bert Parke II†

Paula and Frank Parke

Terry and Walter Quinn

Jan and Jack Robertson

Cecile and Tom Rose

Roy & Christine Sturgis Charitable Trust

Mr. and Mrs. Blake Schuhmacher*

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Simpson II†

Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Simpson III

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Simpson

Patty Smith and Michael R. Smith Sr.†

Julie and Jason Smith

Judith and David Snowden

Terri and David Snowden

Josie and Brent Staggs

Stella Boyle Smith Trust

Mr. Jackson T. Stephens†

Mr. Jackson T. Stephens Jr.

Harriet and Warren Stephens

Ms. Mary A. Stephens†

Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Stephens Jr.

Joan and Noel Strauss

Sudie Appel and A. Gordon Worsham Family Foundation

Trinity Foundation

Viking Range Corporation

Anne and Tom Wallace

Cappy and Charles Whiteside

Penny and Gordon Wilbourn

Mr. and Mrs. Zachary D. Wilson

Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Winning

Dr. and Mrs. A. Gordon Worsham

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Worsham

* faculty/staff family     † deceased donor