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Thank You for Making Giving Tuesday a Success!

Thank you for making this year's Episcopal Collegiate Annual Fund kick-off a complete success! Through our Giving Tuesday Campaign, we raised more than $22,000 toward our annual goal with gifts from parents, faculty, alumni, parents of alumni, and grandparents. To date, we have raised $424,127 toward our 2020-21 annual goal of $575,000.

If you have not made your contribution to the 2020-21 Episcopal Collegiate Annual Fund, you still have time. We invite you to learn more about the ways your support allows us to be ready for anything.

2020-21 Episcopal Collegiate Annual Fund

In the year of a global pandemic, a lightning strike, and lots of virtual learning, we now feel prepared for any challenge that comes our way. And, that's because of you! Our parents, grandparents, alumni families, and friends impact our community with gifts of kindness, service, expertise, and resources.

Your gift has the power to provide everything from Chromebooks to crayons, plexiglass partitions to gallons of hand sanitizer, and all the rich experiences Episcopal has provided Wildcats for more than 20 years. No matter the size of your gift, you make us Ready for Anything!

This year, gratitude comes in all shapes and sizes. We are grateful for live and virtual learning. We are grateful for a community that stands together when times are tough and uncertain. We are grateful for footsteps in the hallways and the ding of a new entry into a Google meet. We are grateful for a community that says, “Yes!” when the world asks, “Are you ready?”.



While our parent volunteers have had to pivot their efforts on campus, they still respond to each and every call for help. From locker pick-ups, working admission at home games, and teacher appreciation efforts - our parents continue to go above and beyond for our community. During this special season of gratitude, we are grateful for each and every one of you!

Thank you to Katie and Brett Huff, the 2020-21 Annual Fund parent chairs, for sharing what Episcopal means to their family.