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Thank You to Our Donors!

Mr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Babin
Ms. Sandy Barakat
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Barone
Mr. and Mrs. Gus J. Blass III
Mr. and Mrs. Bentley Blackmon
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Blackmon Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Beau D. Blair Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan S. Blair
Mr. and Mrs. James Boone
Laura and Doug Borg
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bowden
Mr. and Mrs. Albert B. Braunfisch
Mr. and Mrs. Laney Briggs
The Brown Foundation 
Mr. Philip Bruich
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Burns
Michelle and Alex Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Tom S. Charlton
Kathy and Keith Collard
Mr. and Mrs. Chris C. Cooley
Mr. Parker Cope ’08
Mr. and Mrs. Chad A. Crank
Dr. and Mrs. Sid S. Dassinger III
Mr. and Mrs. Clint Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Matt D. De Luca
Mr. and Mrs. Matt M. Dement
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Dockery
Mrs. Mary Lou Entzminger
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Eubanks
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Fletcher
Mr. and Ms. Ben F. Foster Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David Foster
Mr. and Mrs. Dumas Garrett
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Gary
Girls on the Run
The Hon. Tim Griffin and Mrs. Elizabeth Griffin
Mr. and Ms. Shawn Grotte
Mr. and Mrs. John Harbour Jr.
Lt. Col. Paul Hehnke and Dr. Maria Porter-Hehnke
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Honeywell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Brett Huff
Catherine and Ron E. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff C. Humiston
Mr. and Mrs. Clay Hunter II
Mr. and Mrs. Howard C. Hurst
Ben and Walter Hussman
Tina and Jaison Ipe
Kathryn and Scott Irby
Mr. Stuart M. Irby Jr. and Dr. Elizabeth W. Irby 
Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey Jackson Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wil Jackson Jr.
Dr. Dionne and Mr. Troy Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Rob H. Janes III
Mr. and Mrs. Corey Jennings
Mr. and Mrs. Jordan P. Johnson Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Jones
Dr. and Mrs. David Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Harold E. Joyner Jr.
Mrs. Rachel Hildebrand Kane ’10
Drs. Jenny and Owen Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Morgan G. Keyes
Mr. and Mrs. Jason P. LaFrance
Mrs. Caroline M. Lasiter
Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel W Lea IV
Rev. Rob J. Leacock and Dr. Stefanie W. Leacock
Mr. and Mrs. Roberts Lee
Mrs. Jane Lyon
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Makris
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Marks
Mr. and Mrs. J. Howard Martindale
Massey Family Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Rick N. Massey
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mayton
Ms. Anne McCormick
Dr. Chuck McCormick Jr.
Mr. Michael Mitcham
Mr. Rex Morris and Dr. Paula Morris
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Mourot
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Mr. Rob Nichols and Mrs. Ann Nichols
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Mr. Terry Rasco
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Mr. Mark Smalling and Mrs. Carrie Whiteside-Smalling
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Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Stephens
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Dr. and Mrs. Tom W. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie B. Whiteside III
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Wilbourn
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wild
Mr. Benjamin Winter
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wippo
Dr. Bill W. Wright 
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Wright
Ms. Greta Wright

The Run Wild Campaign

About the Project

At Episcopal Collegiate, we pursue excellence in all areas. The Run Wild Campaign, a fundraising initiative that will fund significant enhancements to our athletic facilities, is no different. The project includes a first-class track and field complex, significant updates to our existing stadium, and upgraded varsity locker rooms in the Championship Gym. These changes will not only support our dedicated athletes but will also benefit the entire Episcopal Collegiate community.

Thank you to all those who have already committed to the project, helping us secure more than $4 million in commitments. It's not too late to contribute your support to the project, so please consider making a gift of any size!

Together, we can create something that will be transformational to all our students, our athletic program, and our future.

August 2020 Project Update

Since we first launched the Run Wild Campaign in January 2019, the project has grown in both scope and cost. This summer, we decided to break the project up into two phases to allow us to move forward with construction while continuing to fundraise for the remainder of the project costs.

On August 20, we officially broke ground on the new Track and Field complex! We will continue to update the community as construction progresses.

For more information, check out our Campaign FAQs page or follow the project's progress on our Campaign Updates page.



  • Upgrades to Championship Gym boys' and girls' varsity locker rooms
    • 36 custom, wooden lockers with padded seating and vented foot lockers
    • 36 junior varsity lockers
    • HD interactive smart TV for game replay and team strategy
  • LED lighting in the existing stadium
  • State-of-the-art track and field complex
    • 8-lane track with field event areas
    • Synthetic turf infield
    • LED lighting
    • Track and field equipment
    • Brick fencing



Given by the Massey Family Charitable Foundation



  • Significant Updates to Existing Stadium:
    • Expanded press box
    • Ticket booth
    • Brick fencing

These renderings show the ticket booth [above] and expanded press box [left] that will be added to the existing stadium in Phase 2 of the Run Wild project.

The Run Wild Campaign Committee

Mary Allen
beau blair
traci braunfisch
Michelle Carney
patrick delozier
kathryn irby
ashley jackson
jason smith
penny wilbourn
kathy wild